Reggae Fest Recommendation: Sunken City

sunken city.png

With the start of the summer concert season, BBQ’s and beach bonfires, Memorial day weekend marks for many the unofficial 1st weekend of Summer. What better way then could their be to get these festivities started then a local reggae show. I was in attendance at the House of Blues recent Reggae Fest, which included artists: The Originalites, Sunken City, SoCal Shocks of Mighty, Chocolate Revolution, Paper Street, and the Bad Apples. Now all of these bands were immensely talented, some such as the Originalites who I highly recommend if your looking for an energetic ska style reggae band that can get a crowd moving. However one band stood out in stark contrast among the rest. Los Angeles area natives ‘Sunken City’ flaunts an incredible sound that seemed a reminiscent collage of the rhythmic and vocal styling’s of Fishbone and Sublime, along with the thought inducing lyrical inspirations of the Marley’s rolled into one outstanding Reggae band. Sunken Cities website has this to say about themselves: “Sunken City combines the sons of San Pedro, Long Beach, Lynwood, and Sahagun Hidalgo to bring you this sound. We as part of the people represent the people and bring to light the struggle and pain of the people… Our Influence is the struggle of people around the world.”- ( Check out for more info on upcoming shows and free downloads of their music.