Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Moore of Mission Street Folk


While having lunch outside a small café with a friend I heard a soulful voice singing in the background. I turned around and saw a girl who by herself was busking, and she was good, real good. I had to learn more about this artist; so here is my brief interview with her, Ms. Stephanie Moore:

Livebymusic: Where are you from?

Stephanie: I am from Riverside, CA.

What Style of Music do you play, and what instruments?

I Play Folk Music. I play guitar mainly, saxophone is another instrument I play with my partner Manual Montoya.

Do you write your own music or perform covers? Where do you get your ideas from, what inspires you?

I write my own music, and occasionally I’ll play a cover or two. My songs are inspired by God and the struggles of life. I’ve written many of them in an attempt to distract people from the stress of life for a moment and to hopefully spread a ferverant love for one- another. Life is too short to waste even a second in hate.

What made you want to busk?

My inspiration to busk was originally to get practice as if on a stage. Once I had been busking for a while, I noticed I was communicating with every eye that I would pass. The children are my favorite part of the audience. My inspiration to Busk now, is to inspire.

Are you in a band? Where can people go who are interested in seeing you perform?

I am in a band called the Mission Street Folk, Manuel Montoya is my partner. I am regularly scheduled at the downtown Riverside Farmers market, every last Saturday of the month, otherwise I am busking out in front of 3720 Main St., riverside, ca 92501.

What artist inspire you and why?

All musicians inspire me in one way or another, I find it incredibly intriguing to witness peoples talent and personality shine through in the performing arts.

Thank you Stephanie for the interview, and even more so for the meaningful music you and yours bring into this world. For more information on Stephanie and/or her band “the Mission Street Folk” Check out their sound cloud page at https:/sound