Lulacruza - Fourth Full-Length Album is Soulfully Infinite


So I’ve been planning another road trip up the central and northern coast of CA toward the Oregon border for a while. While it may sound like just an average Sunday drive, it can be, a surreal experience.   To those who may have never have had this opportunity, CA Highway 1 is a small, most often two lane road nestled against the ocean, towering mountains and dramatic cliff sides with brief stents through picturesque pine forests and the added bonus of pleasant small towns hidden for your discovery along the way.  The combined experience presents to me a feeling and sense of being that I can only express as soulfully infinite.

  I bring this up to attempt to explain that feeling I was able to capture, if just for a moment, that sense of higher consciousness. This is the same presence of self and spirit I felt when I first heard the new album from Lulacruza called “Orcas”.  This masterful piece of music came about as electronic folk duo Lulacruza traveled from their native South America, to Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest. Invited by music tastemaker and Sub Pop Records founder Bruce Pavitt to record at a custom-built, state-of-the-art studio on the island, Lulacruza - Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette - were so inspired by the nature and wildlife around them, they would ultimately name their new album after the pristine surroundings.


   “We wanted to keep the intimacy of acoustic folk music and combine it with the physical experience of big deep bass lines that can only be achieved with electronic processing,” explains Maurette. “It’s an album whose experience really changes depending on what speakers you are listening through. Through small speakers, it can be heard as an intimate folk album, or in a system with subwoofers, as a deep entrancing, rhythmic album.” It is with this intimacy that Lulacruza hypnotizes and brings their traditional folk music into the avant-garde.“