Summer Soundtracks: Pilot Touhill

This last Sunday I attended one of my favorite local venues, the House of Blues in Anaheim. Situated in the Downtown Disney district theirs a plethora of distractions to bombard the senses before you even hit the venue. This Sunday was the Let’s Get Irie line up of Rock/Ska/Reggee style bands. As always the House of Blues delivered a great time. Although on stage was an immense pallet of quality music, one artist stood out, one artist made me leave the dance floor and my good time with friends to seek him out simply because I had to meet him, I had to meet the man behind this music and let him know how great of a job he had done. This artist was Pilot Touhill. From Hermosa Beach, CA Pilot brings to the local beach scene the perfect summer sound track. One of Pilots’ posted biography states: “Pilot Touhill falls somewhere between Rock & Pop with Reggae influences. Catchy songs and soulful melodies that are completely honest and unedited like any private journal entry. Pilot captures the essence of reggae while retaining a modern pop songwriting style and holding it down with electronic drum beats.”

Their currently playing up and down the so cal coast and should not be missed. Check them out at: