Verses & Flow, Be moved.

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The angst of the freshman collage student, the depraved life of the privileged youth, and the horrors of growing up in a middle class family. Many of us have sat in our local coffee houses’ spoken work poetry night and endured such mind-numbing topics. Now yes, it is commendable that people are putting themselves out their, bearing their hearts and souls, even if their struggles should have a “#first world problems” attached. But why do we go? Why do we endure this? For me its because at some point in the night at least one person is going to walk out on stage and blow me away. At least one person will leave me drowning internally in my own tears. Whether they be tears of joy, sadness or inspiration, I go to be moved. Now what if their was a means to take in a concentrated experience of various vehement poets for which you may individually wait all night to hear? Actually we have just that.

Live by Music's Rusty Felbob with musical Guest Amber Riley at Verses and Flow

Live by Music's Rusty Felbob with musical Guest Amber Riley at Verses and Flow

With host Omari Hardwick, Verses and Flow brings spoken word artists from across the county together and puts them front and center in your living room to leave you inspired. I had the unique pleasure of sitting in on the performance tapings and meeting some of the contributors back stage. Each performer has their own distinctive manner and expressive nature that will have your sobbing eyes wondering which direction your heart will run off to next with this dynamic group of artists. The power and energy of the poetic contributors is guaranteed to move and inspire you with each show. So be moved, check out for more information and don’t miss Verses and Flow season 3 on tvone.