“Zemekis Live” at the Rockwell



While meeting up with artists for a quick drink and chat at the Rockwell in Los Feliz, (a destination by which itself should not be missed) I by much surprise, found myself surrounded by several people acting out the final scene from Death Becomes Her. Quickly they moved into a full musical rendition of Forest Gump, while transitioning in and out of some of the most iconic movies of our recent times. Come to find out we had been brought to ‘For the Records’ Presentation of “Zemekis” Live. Rockwell’s website describes it best “…This 360-degree theatrical concert and dining experience is a chance to revel in some of our best known and loved films including Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Death Becomes Her, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Flight, Contact and more!The show stars a rotating cast from stage, screen and music performing energetic and distinctive songs from Zemeckis’ films soundtracks that include “California Dreamin”, “All Along the Watchtower”, “Blowin in the Wind”, “Turn Turn Turn”, “Power of Love”, “Johnny B. Goode”, “Go Your Own Way” and many more. The talented singers/actors move throughout the space, bringing the show table side…”- Rockwell-la.com.

This is a highly energetic and feel good show that really can resonate with any level of live theater goers from novice to season ticket holders. Even if live theater isn’t your idea of a night well spent the exquisite food and vast bar selection is worth the venture to Los Feliz. For more information on this and/or other shows at the Rockwell you can check out thier website at rockwell-la.com/. For this and other shows from ‘for the record’ please visit their page at fortherecordlive.com