This Weeks LBM instagram campaign brings us KM, a music artist from Charlotte,NC uprooted from Fredericksburg VA.  His music focuses on college, corporate and daily struggles.  His new track “Ace Ventura” is about his music path in Charlotte. 

   “A rap artist in 2015 with no ink or typical biblical references strategically placed on his body is rarer than a 7 foot pink unicorn. Although KM has in a sense broke the mold of typical “rapper” many of his favorite artist fall into the general rap image category. This does not deter his interest in working on collaboration with some of the musical elite…

   What makes KM different from the other entire artist dropping mixtape after mixtape over trap beats. Or every young rapper under 25 under the sun with “Young” in front of their name rapping about popping bottles, hooking up with endless groupies and rapping about jewelry they do not own.  

 [About himslef KM states]

I am not sure what makes me different. I feel I am truthful and honest in everything I say. I feel my background and some of the things I have been through make me different. I speak on issues that my generation is facing. I have lived a life worth talking about, I’m by far not a model citizen nor have I always played fair or been given a helping hand in times of need. I mean it would be great if I owned a private jet flew out Victoria Secret Models and dressed head to toe every day in nothing but designer, but that is not my reality. I have a job, I have bills, I have had heartbreak and I am honestly just trying to figure life out. I think most people out here can relate to that.” -  

Hear the whole track Ace Ventura ft. Wy-fi

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