The mud howlers


This week’s feedback Friday brings us music rooted from the Sonora desert of Hermosillo, MX with the Mud Howlers.   We had the chance to check them out a while back when they made a stop here in LA and are very excited to share them with you all.

“The Mud Howlers embody power, soul and innovation: creating thus an atypical rock n roll band that will bring extreme pleasure to your senses. Three talented dudes make up the Howlers. Jamming the guitar in bluesy, muddy, and potent strokes, along with powerful vocals, comes Nathan. Then with masterful skills on the drums comes Charly, exploding with flawless speed and accuracy. Last but not least, we have Norberto, who completes the band with tasteful, creative and catchy keyboard tunes. When these 3 guys get together with their gear, there’s sure to be unique and electrifying sounds making your mind explode”.  -

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