Lexus and Pandora: Making Magic! Happen


A few  weeks back as I drove up the 5 freeway I experienced the usual.  Every mile I inch closer to Ventura County the noise of the big city pitters away as each next city becomes a little smaller.  The unnatural light pollution of the big city slowly dims to a calming flicker.  This progression continues until I reach an area of strange organic night. The kind of night fit for star gazing, which is exactly what I received.  In what seemed like the middle of nowhere,  I had arrived set to see Magic! at the first of several shows in the Pop up Concert series sponsored by Lexus and powered by Pandora.

Magic at Pandora event.  Photo by LivebyMusic

Magic at Pandora event.  Photo by LivebyMusic

“Magic! is a Canadian reggae fusion band, composed of songwriter and record producer Nasri on lead vocals and Mark Pellizzer, Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak. In 2013, they released their debut single, “Rude”, from their debut album Don’t Kill the Magic.” - Wikipedia

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Thanks to Lexus and Pandora of course, I was able to experience this for free.  Not as an influencer, not by any business deal, simply by listening to Pandora.  Yup, I clicked on a promotion while listening to Pandora and was given tickets at no cost to an event on par with an event of a much more exclusive nature.  As mentioned this was the first of several Pop Up concerts in and around the So-Cal area.   Nico and Vinz followed as the next installment of the series on September 25th in Culver City.

photo Credit: Stian Anderson; as seen at

photo Credit: Stian Anderson; as seen at

 Nico and Vinz, whose song “Am I Wrong” “flew to the top of the charts in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden last year, they speak about a universal theme following your own heart. Says Nico, “It is our hope that people who are asking ‘should I go the safest way that everybody says I should go, even though my gut says to go where my true happiness lies?’ to be happy. We want to inspire them to follow their heart.”

Sadly, as these shows have passed, you once again must dive into your pocket to see these amazing bands (and I certainly recommend that you do).  Pandora isnt finished yet though.  On October 9th Kongos will be playing a free show in Riverside.

According to Pandora there is at least one additional show whose name and location has not yet been revealed.  While not confirmed, if this is to be the finally of the concert series one can only hope that they intend to close the curtain with their biggest act.  So keep an ear peeled on your favorite Pandora station, the next commercial that plays may be the invite to the soon to be revealed final show.



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