5 tips for the 'Lightning in a Bottle' 1st timer

Photo by LivebyMusic

Photo by LivebyMusic

Tackling a new festival can be a challenge.  After LbM’s inaugural go at LIB we thought it prudent to share a few points that would have made our lives and your next LIB even better.  

Upgrade to the Camp with your Car Pass   

Yes for many of us on a budget this may seem like a frivolous use of already limited monetary resources, after all who really needs their car next to them when not being used right?  Sounds like solid reasoning, which is why I didn’t buy the pass, but then came multiple trips of hiking to the tram, loading my gear, then trekking to find my camping spot.  This isn’t so bad on arrival, with excitement of the festival beginnings building, but packing out… not fun. Yes the trams are efficient, the parking staff super helpful, but trust me, the pass is worth it.

Showers at Oasis

After a hot day dancing in the sun, nothing bests freshening up at the Oasis spa with an invigorating shower.  The showers include peppermint soap, which by the way if you’ve never bathed in a mint based soap it leaves you feeling fresh and cool long after your shower is done.  The only issues is that you’re joined alongside the other few hundred festival goers who had the same idea.  Thankfully the oasis staff is kind and patient, but on our first trip to the spa (about 9 am) we waited an hour for a shower… yikes!  Similar lines formed late afternoon, presumably people prepping for a long night of activity.   Like all things in life though, this was remedied with a little planning.  We took our showers just about 9 pm when it was only about a 15 minute wait.

Photo by LivebyMusic

Photo by LivebyMusic


 Relax & Wander

On the advice of do Lab’s Dede Fleming I did my best to ignore setting a schedule.   Of course I had my must see’s which I was sure to make time for, outside of that I put my map away in my tent and became a bottle wanderer, exploring without expectation or predetermined preference, to discover what my individual lightning I would capture.  It was amazing.  Each new experience was unfamiliar, each corner was new and exciting.

  Exiting the Festival  

  Exit traffic is bad, if you must leave promptly, leave early on the last day, not 8 am, but 6 am or earlier.  Now as this is our first presence at LIB I can’t pretend to know if this is the norm or a frustrating set of new circumstances, but with many thousands of people all leaving at the same and just one main road in or out, the logistics of moving all these people in an orderly fashion is mind boggling and delays are naturally to be expected.  It actually took several hours to leave the festival grounds.  Planning is again essential here.  It would be wise if you can’t leave in the early hours, to know in advance you may be their while.  Maybe find a shady place to hunker down, have a picnic and chill out while everyone else competes for positions toward the exit gates. Or even better, why not check out the closing ceremonies?

Wear comfortable Shoes

This should go without saying but somehow is regularly overlooked.  You will be walking, scratch that hiking up and down through a dry lake bed.  You’ll no doubt leave LIB with Buns of Steele, but what good are they if you can’t walk or even stand to show them off?

 Yes LIB is an amazing experience, one you wont forget!   But there are a few key preps that will drastically enhance your Lightning experience.

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