LivebyMusic Recaps- Inaugural Woogie Weekend 2015

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  The Do LaB’s inaugural Woogie Weekend festival has set the tone for what LivebyMusic feels will be the ultimate “Chill” electronic music festival experience in Southern CA.   Woogie weekend of course has what you would come to require from a modern festival.  Amazing art, great food and of course pulse pounding music.  The atmosphere though, the vibe, it was somehow both energetic yet incredibly peaceful and harmonious.  As if every woogier was on the same plan of existence.    

 When arriving at the venue, from parking to will-call (often a nightmare situation) I was pleasantly surprised at the orderliness of the whole ordeal.  All camping areas and even general parking was directly adjacent to the festival itself.  The festival being set in Oak Canyon Park, a beautiful lake-adjacent Oak tree lined park, was large enough to allow getting a moment away from the crowds if desired, but still not too large to navigate.  

  The energy amongst the Woogiers was a perfect blend of contagious enthusiasm and unhurried joy. Between the Beat Nest, a modified version of LIB’s Woogie Stage, and the festival’s other main stage, the Hive, the soundscape at Woogie Weekend ranged from deep and soulful, to progressive and playful, as esteemed performers like Danny Daze, J. Phlip, Gigamesh, Jonas Rathsman, Nick Warren, Mikey Lion, Adam Freeland, and Tara Brooks took the decks.


Between these stages festival goers were able to wander enjoying artists, craft and food vendors, along with a variety of rapturous distractions from a tree hoop swing to a giant slip and slide.

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 Yes the Woogie Weekend did not disappoint, even when heavy rain stuck, the Woogie not only went on, but gained greater traction as woogiers reveled in the rainy affair.  

While not the largest festival to hit Southern California, The Woogie Weekend  definitely made its mark as a heavy contender on the list of “must do” summer festivals for Southern CA.  

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