LA Based Filmmaker Michael Cuenca Campaigns for Upcoming Epic Film


“Am I happy with where I am at right now? Where do we go from here? Where do I go from here?” Underground filmmaker Michael Cuenca looks to take on these questions and dilemmas in his third feature film “I’ll Be Around.” Set in present time, the film follows the lives of different artists striving to reach their goals, while grappling with the question “when is enough, enough?” Set in a post-punk music festival, the various players’ paths cross and intertwine, as they look forward to what might be the best day of their lives, or quite possibly the worst.

Although a fictional story, I’ll Be Around demonstrates the ever-present themes of angst and existentialism that are common as one ages. I’ll Be Around puts you in the artist’s perspective, as unfortunate and wild events unfold, facing either the fleeting possibility of greatness, or simply calling it quits.

Above, musician and filmmaker Michael Cuenca.

Above, musician and filmmaker Michael Cuenca.

An L.A. area musician himself, filmmaker Michael Cuenca has put together a cast of fellow performers, who not only get to act, but speak their truths, aiming to portray the anguish, struggles, fears and hopes of all sorts of artists—a testament to the burden of a talent that reaches only limited success on the backdrop of trial and error.

Interest in the film has been favorable as their campaign on almost completely reaches its funding goal. Intrigue for the film has already piqued the interest of artists such as Tim Armstrong, singer/guitarist of the band Rancid, and otherwise known member of The Transplants. Other surprise guests are set to make a few cameos in what should be an honest, fun, and possibly heartbreaking comedic drama.

I’ll Be Around, but will you? Michael Cuenca’s film relies heavily on crowd following and crowd funding. This short film provides incentives such as contests and raffles to win exclusives prizes, as well as the possibility of being featured in the film. For more information on how to support the campaign, go to With your help, I’ll Be Around shall be around sooner than later.